According to William Thourlby, ” People, like diamonds, have a basic market value, but is only after they have been polished that the world will pay their real value.” Josypat School of Etiquette and Protocol is a school of life which teaches and puts in your hands, the how tos of life starting from birth to death and everything in between that has to do with social skills, people skills or soft skills and life skill of life! It is thorough finishing school. Some pointers are as follows: all fields of etiquette- kids and teens, adults, social and business, international diplomacy, personal development, wealth creation and the contemporary digital know hows.

What is Etiquette? Etiquette is an embodiment of knowledge which are accepted rules of behavior or conventions which regulate social behavior in our everyday contacts with people . For where two or more are gathered, etiquette cum manners rear their heads. It can equally be referrred to as people skills, soft skills or social skills.

What is Protocol? Protocol is the set of rules prescribing good manners, good interactions in official life and in ceremonies involving governments and nations and their representatives. It equally be known as international curtesy. New comers to official life whether local, state or national need some dose of protocol . This is because, at this level, they don’t just do what they like., for to some extent, their live is being governed by the practices and policies of protocol, according to Mary Jane McCaffree et al.

This finishing school caters for graduates, newly employed, professionals. Technical skills and knowledge account for 15% of the reason you get a job, keep a job, and advance in a job. 85% of your job success is based on your people skills according to research conducted by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and The Stanford Research Institute. Even, entrepreneurs , CEOs, high ranking executives and politicians are not left out. They are taught manners which helps them master the art of “schmoozing, ” how to create favorable impression wherever they find themselves, especially at the dinner table or boardroom. This is because the business world is an arena or minefield of potential gaffes and social blunders. learning institutions and organizations. Your solution to winning your self confidence back, outclassing the competition any way you think of it. The relevance of soft skills can be seen here: https://josypatschoolofetiquetteandprotocol.com/trends-in-etiquette-and-work-place-readines/

Hi, I am Lady Josephine Hall-Thompson. First, I am a woman with a beautiful heart and a good conscience. A family lover, “a do unto others as you wish them do unto you” being, a selective socialite, widely traveled internationally, a constructive disciplinarian, a model wife and mother, event planner. A lady knight (LAKSJI).

I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Josypat School of Etiquette and Protocol. with a degree in Education and found my niche in Etiquette, Protocol and Modern Day Manners. A certified International Protocol Manager from the prestigious Protocol School of Washington. I am a trainer, resource person and consultant to a lot of organizations due to one of our tools of planning and designing courses tailored to the needs of our clients. This is possible because of my background in Curriculum Sudies and Educational Technology. I am also the publisher of Etiquette Magazine which is now being published as an eNewsletter.

Our courses cut across all fields Etiquette and beyond to be an all rounder. Outside the fact that some of our causes are tailored to your needs, we also have train-the-trainer.

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Josypat School of Etiquette and Protocol has in place a team of experts in their relative chosen field.

I was born in the mid-western part of Nigeria. I attended one of the best secondary school in the country. This school was an elite one and has given most old girls the finesse they have today. This was achieved under the tutelage of Sister Henrietta Powers. Her contributions were so productive that the then president of Nigeria, President Shehu Shagari awarded and decorated her with a national honor! I am talking of no other school BUT Saint Maria Goretti Girls’ Secondary School , Benin City, Edo State. I am a graduate of Delta State University and the University of Port Harcourt.

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