Protocol in event management in general is very crucial. When it comes to official government and elite events, involving nations attention to details and protocol essentials are paramount.

These include: Reasons for the ceremony, Terms of Reference, Time Management Precedence, Seating arrangements, Nitty gritty of titles and forms of address, Nominal order of Speaking, Gift Giving, Flag Etiquette, Cultural Differences, How to maneuver multiple anthems, personal diplomacy, Planning, Budgeting /Execution of the event, and finally the Appraisal at the end of the event.

Without gainsaying, Precedence  is the bedrock of protocol rules or essentials. It is regarded as the nominal importance of dignitaries at gathering of status symbols, government officials or otherwise.

To bring this home, in  the local church where I worship, older members of one the groups I belong get upset if their nominal number comes after newly joined members. You know what i mean. This is emotional out pour is very correct! Why? It is because Precedence is important.

Order of Precedence comes in to use in the following :

*Government, state, and diplomats, are present at functions e. g both seating at social functions, state cum official functions.

*Organisations where hierarchy must be respected

* Order of speakers

*Order of standing on stages at official functions

*Order of Receiving lines

*Ranking for announcements which could be presidential or otherwise

*Ranking for governors and other key officials in their own state and outside their own state.

*Academic Ceremonies

*Ecclesiastical Circles

When one has the knowledge of precedence, as a protocol officer or otherwise formulate seating arrangements, ranking etc, in consonance with what is done under accepted protocol practice.

However, there are some considerations which may warrant us to shift ground from the above though not really going out of Protocol. These include: friendship and respect, “principle of curtesy to the stranger,” linguistic ability of non ranking staff, unranked spouses, courtesy to ex officio, individuals ranked in respect of the role relevant to the event or date of appointment/date of joining the organisation.