Protocol is the recognized system of international courtesy in which every action revolves around precedence. We expect that when nations meet, relationships are built! As such, meetings between governments be in line with universally accepted codes of conduct. The practice of Protocol was formalized in Vienna in the 19th Century


Miriam Webster defines it thus: “A code proscribing strict adherence to correct precedence, courtesy and etiquette in matters of military, diplomatic, or official and celebratory ceremonies.”

“It is the application of rank and precedence used when rendering courtesies, honors, to certain persons or agencies during events…………………………….”

“More formally, it consists of the rules prescribing the etiquette accorded to ceremonies of state.”

The term “protocol” is a Greek word, ‘proto-kollen. The former  meaning the first(protos) and the latter glue. It was then a symbolic paper glued to an official document giving it authenticity. Anyway, it means the first glue. Ironically, it can said to be the glue which holds official life in our society together. Protocol rears its head where two or more nations come together. Even, at local, state, federal, organizations etc it is there to strengthen official relationships.

However, protocol is not static. It changes and develop with trends in official life.

Succinctly put, Protocol: The Complete Handbook of Diplomatic, Official, and Social Usage……….defines protocol as the set of rules proscribing good manners in official in official life and in ceremonies involving governments and nations and their representatives.

Protocol is not political either. It is all about relationship building whether interpersonal or not, it is the first step to human relations and wide world cooperation .Maintaining formalities and order in interactions help us to convey respect. Everyone is at ease to enough to make contributions thereby arriving at a collective resolutions at anytime.


Egypt from history and recorded writings, used rules to govern everyday rituals. Remember, civilization started here. They realized Man had ego, self pride etc so for peaceful execution of events etc, rules were made! These rules evolved through the centuries to become what we now know as good manner. Practiced Protocol today!

A nation’s greatness is no longer the size of its army, economic strength or domineering stance., but, how perfect is their human relations in respect of curtesy, respect, ability to work with tact and diplomacy. Moreover, we the governed are now part of this whole process.

Detailed  History of Protocol can be found at this site:

However, protocol/diplomatic practices have moved from rigidity to simplicity over time. Finally, in every encounters whether diplomatic, business, military and even personal either officially or social, protocol underlines are expected.