Trends in Etiquette Education and Workplace Readiness
Jan 6, 2020 | Etiquette Certification

Trends in Etiquette Education and Workplace Readiness

2020 is going to be a fabulous year…especially for those who want to teach children about manners, social skills and good character.

Did you know Google Education predicted the 8 global trends in education?

And guess what!

Life/Etiquette Skills and Workplace Readiness are on the list!
According to Google Education:

Parents and educators want children to have a more holistic education that goes beyond standardized testing to include social and vocational skills.

53% of teachers in the UK believe that “life skills are more important than academic qualifications in young people’s success”.

Studies shows that higher levels of emotional intelligence are linked with better leadership skills

Educators are looking for consultants and curriculums that prepare students for adult life which include life skills.

According to Goggle Education Here is What’s happening?

“91% of CEOs globally report they need to strengthen their organization’s soft skills to sit alongside digital skills.

Manners Classes for Charter Schools

The workplace is looking to improve soft skills.

Their needs are:




Are you surprised? I am not!

Are you ready to transform lives…your own and others?

We are here for you.

Let us guide you to a new way of life and the framework to start your business teaching manners to children.

“Learning virtues and values such as empathy and kindness, and developing emotional intelligence are equally as important as the math and science lessons that we teach, in order for children to understand themselves, their connection to others and to the world.”

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